Today is the last day of the month of January, 2017.  I feel as if the month was a week long, instead of four weeks long…it simply raced by at top speed.

I created five paintings during the past four weeks and time is felt by painting….the clock never stops ticking, the daylight shines as the sun illuminates the night sky, warming the world and heralding another day of painting.  I am in my studio day and night, sleeping little, painting much.  It is my choice.  It is my passion.

As I created this new watercolor titled, “Running Free” I mentally left the art studio and enjoyed the spirit of the horse.  I felt the wind blowing and the energy running through the mind and heart of the horse.  Oh, to be free to run by the banks of the Little Big Horn River and up the grassy slopes of Southern Montana!!  To feel the vast blue sky over head, the grassy fields and gullies and rolling hills around me.  Life explodes with energy!!  The Great Spirit is in every blade of grass, every white cloud traveling through the vast boundless sky, in the gurgle of the slow moving waters of the Little Big Born, in the gently waving branches of the tall trees!  Life is rich in feeling and existance and I am free to enjoy it all.

Yes, I have been running free with the horse even though I have been indoors in my art studio.  Like a rejuvenating vacation, but, one where I never left my work.

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