Today is the last day of the month of January, 2017.  I feel as if the month was a week long, instead of four weeks long…it simply raced by at top speed.

I created five paintings during the past four weeks and time is felt by painting….the clock never stops ticking, the daylight shines as the sun illuminates the night sky, warming the world and heralding another day of painting.  I am in my studio day and night, sleeping little, painting much.  It is my choice.  It is my passion.

As I created this new watercolor titled, “Running Free” I mentally left the art studio and enjoyed the spirit of the horse.  I felt the wind blowing and the energy running through the mind and heart of the horse.  Oh, to be free to run by the banks of the Little Big Horn River and up the grassy slopes of Southern Montana!!  To feel the vast blue sky over head, the grassy fields and gullies and rolling hills around me.  Life explodes with energy!!  The Great Spirit is in every blade of grass, every white cloud traveling through the vast boundless sky, in the gurgle of the slow moving waters of the Little Big Born, in the gently waving branches of the tall trees!  Life is rich in feeling and existance and I am free to enjoy it all.

Yes, I have been running free with the horse even though I have been indoors in my art studio.  Like a rejuvenating vacation, but, one where I never left my work.

” The Young Crow Warrior”

For the past three years I have traveled to Southern Montana to witness the living history of the reenactment of George Armstrong Custer’s Last Stand Battle hosted by the Real Bird Family.  This takes place on the date of the battle each June at the Crow Agency outside of Hardin, Montana.  The reenactment is presented on the actual site of the original “Last Stand” along the river and bluffs, rolling hills, and grassy flatland under the national monument honoring the fallen soldiers and native Americans who participated in 1876.  The history of it is presented through the eyes of the Crow people who were fighting for their very way of life.  Keith Herrin’s Cavalry School does a wonderful job reenacting the 7th Cavalry and the Real Bird Family open up their land to the public, provide the beautiful horses, and host the whole event.  It is honored as the number one reenactment in the United States and is well worth attending.

During my visits, I took many, many photographs and videos and have just finished painting one of my favorite photos.  I titled this painting, “The Young Crow Warrior”and this painting is my first “Western Art”.  

“Life is a Beach”

In December 2016, I attended the festive meeting and Christmas Party of the Associated Artists of Ocean Shores, Washington, (of which I am a member), and brought my painting for their contest for the artwork that would be used as their poster art in 2017.  

 The title for the theme of the painting was, “Life is a Beach”.  I thought about this title and the use of the painting before I created it.  I felt it should be simple, yet, very colorful, as the backdrop for their poster.  The wording they will use needed to be able to jump out from the painting and be easily read…and I felt the art needed to catch your eye easily.  

Here is the result.

It is 2017! Happy New Year!!

I am excited about the opportunities open to artists in 2017 here in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in the United States and the world around us.

In January I plan on entering the NWWS.ORG international juried exhibition for the first time.  I also plan on entering the “Oil Painters of America” juried exhibition as well and the PCNW.ORG juried exhibition, both again for the first time.

2017 is going to be all about pushing myself as a visual artist into new areas and growing as an artist!  I look forward to the learning experience and the challenge both.